Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Studio | Bow Arts

After having a little nosy around Bow Arts studios this weekend I am seriously considering sneaking in every week to spy on all of the wonderful people that inhabit the former convent on Bow Road.  The studios were open to the public over the weekend and it was a great opportunity to go and meet some of the tenants and see what they were up to.


The organisation aims to support the community in East London by providing grants and space to local artists who can in turn provide art and creative services to others. Indeed, there is a community vibe that runs through every fibre of the building and it was an absolute pleasure to gain just a little insight into each artists world, even if it was a little tidier than the normal Friday evening would have been.


Unfortunately, Open Studios is an annual event so this isn't something you can attend in the near future but the Nunnery Gallery on the ground floor is open Tuesday - Sunday for your viewing. Exhibitions are focused on area history so it's definitely a cultural excursion if you are in need of one after a long week. The bacon sandwiches from the Carmelite cafe also smelt pretty delicious. If you can keep it on your mind until 2016, I can assure you it is worth the wait - I ended up leaving with wonderful stories of naughty studio dogs and lots of appreciation for Marcel Baetigg and the fantastic team behind this superb organisation.

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