Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Up and Coming | Exhibition | Free Range 2015, Design Week

Overview | Free Range, now in its 15th season, will be showcasing some of the best offerings from the graduates of 2015. This is a great opportunity for students to get their work outside of a university environment and offer them a helping hand in starting their careers. Each week provides a new set of work and an insight into the next wave of art, fashion, photography and design talent.

Middlesex University | Communication Arts | Piles of bold monochromatic catalogues were stacked on entrance, featuring a geometric typeface entitled ‘Mazeing’, designed by Sina Buschlinger. The curation of the show revealed a labyrinth theme throughout and this demonstrated the thought the students had put into the execution of the exhibition. A great social media campaign also confirmed the effort made. The show was impressive overall but here’s a few budding illustrators/designers to look into:


Dervla Mary |
This fluorescent, psychedelic work hit the spot with me immediately. Surprisingly, there was quite a large variation between pieces and although her style stayed consistent the subjects didn’t. Pieces varied from neon pineapples, to eccentric prints and record covers to embroidered portraits – all of which work perfectly for the music industry and the ever-growing need for surreal vinyl artwork. Bravo, Dervla!
Yun Ru Tan | Instagram: @yunroo_ru
Stylistically, Yun Ru’s work is very strong with her social media presence also endorsing her fun, child-like illustrations. 
I was drawn to this Arts & Crafts movement poster due to its layout and brilliant use of colour – it would be interesting to see a series of these featuring other movements, especially considering she embodies a modern day pop-art vibe in her illustrations. Also featured were tongue-in-cheek patches which I’m quite sure are emerging as a trend so hopefully she will get selling online soon.


Kerstin Toepel |
Kerstin is certainly a powerhouse to be reckoned with  judging from her online status – a beautiful website already up and running along with a portfolio of perfectly designed pieces. The featured children’s book How Henry Finds Colour In Grey is thoughtful and also available with a cover made out of real birch tree bark and twigs.  From how well produced this book already is, I’m sure it won’t be long until Kerstin is stocked at your local Waterstones or illustrating for Random House within the next year. 

Shu Ying Doi |
Optical illusions always draw me in and although now slightly over done I was still a fan of this piece and the rest of the pieces shown by Shu Ying Doi. Minimalist and effective, it’s nice to see the same piece of work looking completely different in the catalogue to how it came across in real life. The things that make you stop and stare to focus are intriguing and most definitely here to stay. 

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