Friday, 12 June 2015

The Exhibition | London College of Fashion | BA 2015 Degree Show

Graduate season is well and truly upon us and it is fascinating to see the next generation of designers and artists expressing themselves through their exhibitions. An innovative display space can set you apart from the rest of the shows and the LCF15BA show certainly provided a professional platform to send off their students.

Set in a rustic building in the heart of Shoreditch this is the first time all of LCF’s undergraduates have presented their work together. With catwalk shows, performed installations and public drawing sessions there is lots to participate in and a chance to talk personally to the students about their visions.


This year students with an interest in illustration worked with Cass Art as part of a competition in order to encourage students to explore their drawing practise. Each artist produced some stunning original pieces and paired against exposed brick the different techniques and styles of each student looked wonderful.

Quirky, vibrant illustrations from  Nelly Rose Stewart captured a different element of the fashion scene and would look perfect as prints for shirts or possibly even a horoscope series. Dave John also offered a unique set of work using black pen and ink in order to create some mesmerising characters - probably not my usual style but I found myself drawn to it and wanting more!

The exhibition remains open to the public until Saturday 13th so get down there for some free beverages in the evening or just for an early morning inspiring wander. There are new visions and ideas for the future of fashion waiting for you - not to be missed if you have a hint of interest.
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