Thursday, 9 July 2015

The Up and Coming | New Designers Part Two, Business Design Centre: Interior Products

Part Two brought more fresh talent to the Business Design Centre in the form of furniture, product design and visual communication. With so much taking my interest I have split Part Two into two posts. A lot of the furniture shown was very contemporary and minimal so it was nice to see the occasional pop of colour or an experimenation with process and materials. Here are the  products and interiors that took my fancy:


Jeddediah Presland | Designer |
Jeddediah’s Mameluk Plate instantly caught my eye due to the beautiful symmetry and organic shapes created for the digital design of the Corian ® plate. The material has been used to rework the traditional Turkish copper trays which serve as both table and plate throughout Islamic culture. You can eat directly from the plate, place it on the floor, on a table or hang it as a decorative wall piece using the purpose made peg. I love the idea of having this as a centre-piece in a room and then using it to serve food for your friends - dinner party bonus points! This is a lovely concept from a highly interesting guy who has a lot more to offer in the interiors field. 


John Hollington | Product Design
Specialising in minimal, ageless pieces John has a strong understanding of diverse materials and this allows him to create pieces unified in both form and function. The luxurious Pavilion Series Lamp stole the show and was inspired by Miles Van Der Rohe’s seminal Barcelona Pavilion. An Italian marble base combined with brass brought an upmarket Nordic design which is contemporary yet timeless.  The Chord Desk Clock showcases a playful side of John’s design work where a segment has been cut away to show the non-working hours of the day. John also designed a bird box for his own garden after deciding all the other available options were far too twee. The utilitarian nature of Nestbox again showcases John’s very specific style and proposes a long-lasting future. After a brief chat with John I was also informed he is opening a shop in York in September – I should probably get saving now.


Emma Buckley | 3D Design |
I was first taken by Emma’s earthenware due to the pastel hues and dip-dye effect. However, after investigating the technique used the project became even more interesting as a typical tie-dye dye, Procion MX, is actually used for the process. The dye is inserted through a sandblasted gap in the glaze, which depending on the size of the gap ultimately controls the end result in this highly unpredictable process. A unique end product emerges which is highly appealing and perfect for summer, or to add a bit of colour to any other season for that matter. It’s lovely to see someone experimenting with materials and pushing the boundaries of their practise in order to create inspiring products.


Allure Lincoln | Design collective | //
Students that have taken the initiative to join forces and create things as a collaborative always make me curious and Allure Lincoln did just that. The collective are exploring 3D printing and using it to create their exquisite bespoke pieces. With an aim to make their products accessible to companies of any size, the team are utilising the fact that this relatively new process is continuing to grow and create opportunities for small scale manufacture. I was first taken by The Hoxton Lamp due to its up-to-date look – it’s actually ceramic and designed by Sean Geraghty. With the metallic theme strong in my household, Amy Stoddart’s intricate Hoxton Candle Holder is an ideal addition to any room or hotel as the collective have envisioned.

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