Monday, 13 July 2015

The Up and Coming | New Designers Part Two, Business Design Centre: Visual Communications

Emily Meghann Taylor | Illustrator | 
At first glance I thought this chair was a pretty Parisian inspired piece but on closer inspection it quite obviously had a little more depth. It stood out from the crowd, there was nothing else like it and it was actually based on something topical – I have no problem with someone being just decorative but this really did make me ponder. The idea behind the collection is to look at different shapes and sizes of women (and cacti in the print versions of course). The two have been intertwined making for a great image composition and a beautiful combination of salmon pinks and greens.  It’s lovely to see so many shapes and sizes of the female form as another gentle reminder that we are all different - not everyone is walking the Victoria’s secret runway two months after having a child or even at all for that matter. I love the honesty of Emily’s work and she has plenty more featured on her site so make sure you check it out for more clean lines and eccentric doodles as well as a pretty grand animated portrait.


Jess Rose | Illustrator & Graphic Designer |
With Kate Moross vibes calling to me from the wall I was very intrigued by Jess’s digitally printed scarves and vivacious portfolio.  The design is based on looking at a common cold through a microscope and it’s a mix of grimy bacteria turned into a striking canvas of organic shapes. Jess’s scarves allow you to literally wear your illness.
With an obvious fascination for risograph printing Jess has also collaborated with pARTicle magazine - a new visual science publication which aims to break down jargon with colourful graphics, illustration and photography. Her style is her own and her concepts are unique which left me feeling very excited about what this lady will be bringing to the design world.


Augusta Akerman | Freelance Illustrator & Surface Pattern Designer |
Featured in the One Year On part of the exhibition, Augusta is a year out of her MA at Camberwell and has been busy creating exquisite nature-inspired pieces with strong narratives. Her designs explore a variety of subjects including climate change and the migration of animals, all adding an extra element to her illustrations and being a little more interesting than some other nature-inspired artists. Christmas Crabs featured above is a firm favourite of mine; it’s inspired by the red crabs of Christmas Island who migrate from the forest to the coast transforming the island into a sea of red. The earthy colours and simple lines of Augusta’s illustrations are endearing and delicate making them perfect for whimsical publications, I can imagine them in Oh Comely for sure. She’s even transferred her patterns onto deckchairs – such a fabulous idea!


Faith Earle | Illustrator |
The pastel hues of Faith’s simple designs screamed out to me from the corner of the room. Transferred onto wrapping paper, cushions and lampshades Faith is already aware of the importance of showing the versatility of her illustrations and literally advertising how companies can use them. There is definitely a sense of Sass & Belle in her drawings and I love the way she incorporates textures into her designs with a splash of ink or even some crayon experimentation. I can certainly see why she has been offered a placement with both Hallmark and Next later on this year, the youthful essence of her work is extremely commercial and pretty much all ready to go into production.


Charmaine McDonough | Illustrator |
Charmaine’s CV first captured my attention with its little aardvark character and illustrated typography. I’m a pushover for both endangered animals and hand-drawn text so it was a winner for me immediately!  I then noticed the wonderful 3D models including a Pangolin, one of the most magical creatures in the world, which are picture-perfect and highly impressive. There was quite a lot of children’s book style around New Designers but this stood out for me as you could clearly see Charmaine’s own personality reflected in her work and a sense of character development, perfect for any storybook.
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