Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Recommendation | Serpentine Pavilion, Serpentine Galleries

Earlier today I took a wander around the Serpentine Galleries Pavilion. Spanish architects selgascano designed the 15th edition of the pavilion and are the first Spanish architecture practise to be asked to do so. 

José Selgas and Lucía Canohave have created a polygonal structure consisting of multi-coloured translucent material woven around poles in order to create a web-like appearance with an ethereal feel. The clash of colours certainly brightened up a grey morning and I highly recommend this for any budding architects. There's also some fantastic photo opportunities come rain or shine, so much so that I'll probably be popping back this weekend to see if I'm able to get some more psychadelic reflective shots. Open until the 18th October this is a great source of inspiration and was the perfect start to a grey day today. 



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