Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Exhibition | What is Luxury? | Victoria & Albert Museum

The ‘What is Luxury?’ exhibition, a collaboration between the V&A and the Crafts Council, is full of brilliant designs challenging the meaning of the term ‘luxury’. Stunning marble columns stand at the entrance to the Porter Gallery framing the neon-lit title and providing the perfect setting for the content inside. The exhibition encourages conversation as to how we think about luxury today and how it may be redefined in the future, making for a thought-provoking museum visit.


Highlights include the ‘Fragile Future Concrete Chandelier’ by Studio Drift where real dandelion seed heads have been harvested before opening into ‘clocks’ and individually applied to LED lights to create an intricate chandelier. Luxurious furniture has also been created by Studio Swine in the form of ‘Hair Highway’ where human hair and bio-resin have been combined to evoke a sense of rare and endangered materials. The exhibition runs until 27th September 2015 - it's perfect for a quick, satisfying trip to the V&A. Make sure you take a trip along with your thinking cap as there is plenty of resources to create a luxurious debate (I witnessed some very intense discussions)! Like the foyer motto states, 'all of this belongs to you' so don't waste the free museums we are lucky enough to have...


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