Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Inspiration | Designers / Makers | Introducing the CRAFTMOBILE

Having stumbled across this brilliant campaign from Designers / Makers this morning I had to share it immediately - it would be silly not to have this idea come to life and the quirky animation by Lee Shearman supporting it is just adorable.

Designers Makers began in 2010 as a small market in Hackney and have grown to curate regular selling events including exhibitions, pop up shops and workshops in collaboration with creative organisations. I know I always spot them hosting in Spitalfields. With the designers interest at heart, fees are kept to a minimum whilst trying to uphold quality and this has led on to the lovely idea of the CRAFTMOBILE. Watch the video below for a little more insight...

It can be so hard for start-ups to reach a large audience and CRAFTMOBILE solves the problems Designers/Makers face when wanting to source a regular selling outlet to a targeted group. With the CRAFTMOBILE Designer / Makers can take their members work on the road across the UK to various design and craft led events and reach a much larger audience. All whilst providing some smaller places with some lovely products from all over the UK!

Now comes the hard part of choosing what to pledge. There's a selection of goodies from a number of designers and it took me a while to choose what I wanted (so they better get funded!) I love the fact that all of these makers have donated products to support the idea. It's clearly a great organisation to be a part of. Here's what I deliberated between, finally settling on a new make- up bag by Depiction.

It's time to go and make this dream come to life and spread the word even further. You must have christmas shopping to do and why not support something innovative whilst purchasing your gifts? It's a worthy cause. Pledge on Designer / Makers Kickstarter here and hopefully the CRAFTMOBILE will be visiting us all shortly. 

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