Wednesday, 14 October 2015

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After the chaos of LDF, where I obviously picked up thousands of magazines, I figured it was time for a bit of relaxation and 'me' time. That down-time definitely involving a sparkly bath bomb and reading to my hearts content.  I tend to be a little disloyal when it comes to publications as I can't afford them all, but I try to stick with bi-annuals such as Printed Pages and coffee table pleasers like So It Goes.  However, this month I actually managed to pick up some freebies (hurrah!) and I kind of fell a little in love  with a few of them, hence the round-ups below.

Now, it's fair to say this won't be for everyone as the main focus of this beautifully designed publication is residential design. I've been drawn to it before due to the typography and layout but actually the content is useful, informative and shouldn't be overlooked. There are updates on exhibitions, who's moving where as well as new projects and products - if you work as an architect / interior designer / property developer / manufacturer / designer this is a must-have for you! Better still if you are a residential design professional you can subscribe for free here!

"Hole & Corner is a magazine about people who spend more time doing than talking, for whom content is more important than style; people whose work is their life – stories of dedication" Figured that they explain their own concept better than I ever could. I seriously love the ethos of this magazine and the stunning styling and photography makes it a firm favourite for the tiny amount of minimalist within me. The latest issue from Hole & Corner is focused on fashion and features interviews with Zowie Broach of the RCA and hat extraordinaire Philip Treacy. Pick it up in-store from like-minded brand Another Country.

This publication is free all the time. SO GO GET IT.
A little different from the others, Sonos Studios provides this neat, little magazine in their amazing cafe and studio setting. I grabbed a copy whilst checking out the current exhibition, A Portrait of British Songwriting which is 100% worth a visit. Two birds, one stone. Music, technology and culture all takes over this creative publication and if you haven't had enough of me going on about Tom Dixon, his music background gets its own little feature too. Oh, just to add, I'm a massive fan of the block colouring and graphic patterns used.

Good job you haven't had enough of me going on about Tom Dixon as this is his latest venture and I adore it (surprise, surprise!) Tomorrow combines editorial on how objects are made, used and how buildings are built, used or misused and abused. Anything that talks about coffee, copper and and secret spaces in London is a winner for me. There's even picture diagrams showing you how to make your own copper plating - I just need a lot of scientific equipment that I definitely haven't seen since college. My boyfriend also just mentioned how good it smells and that is surely yet another reason to pick up this intriguing first issue.

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