Thursday, 24 December 2015

Hammy Christmas

Merry Christmas lovely people!

& a Happy New Year to you too. What better way is there to capture Christmas than this? A pig decorating the tree or as I like to imagine it this is me taking down the tree (after way too much feasting.)

This is the kind of post I should have written weeks ago so you could all stock up on these delightful cards but I didn't. Sorry, I'm awful at Christmas planning. There is so much more in the range though so don't despair. Jo Ham, the London based designer behind these playful prints is committed to supporting the British design industry and I'm a little in love with her stories of the wonderful lives of a rabbit and a pig.

See more of DJ rabbit and scooting pig here:
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Have a good one everyone. I'll be stuffing my face with mince pies, cheese and far too much red wine. Make sure you do too.


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