Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The Graphic Boys | New Desert Blues

Here's a little cheeky one but what is a blog for if it's not for plugging your nearest and dearest. Especially when they are bloody great. For those of you that don't know the boy (Joshua) is part of the wonderful New Desert Blues and they are due to launch their debut album titled To Be My Own THIS Friday via iTunes. Just look at that artwork!


The album cover has been designed by NDB keyboard player Dave Ralph with the imagery taken from a still the boys' latest single Rag & Bone which was lovingly produced and directed by Samuel Taylor and Daniel Wilkinson. I love those saturated hues of pink and blue. Simple yet so effective and perfectly definitive of the cool, calm and collected band. Put your hands up if you want a vinyl - I'm taking one for the wall and one for the player. If you're interested check out the video below, pre-order the album here, stream it on Spotify right now and come see them play in March. I'll be there with bells on so just look out for the massive groupie at the front.


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