Friday, 15 January 2016

The Instagram Addict | Hattie Stewart

I'm introducing a new bi-weekly feature of an Instagram account I like to lust over and what better way to start than with "Professional Doodler" Hattie Stewart. This isn't exactly the most ground-breaking discovery in the world but I've adored Hattie since she was selected for Pick Me Up back in 2013 and of course I would love to enlighten anyone who has been in hiding / rejecting Instagram for the last two and a half years. It's okay guys, you've found her now.

Her doodles on magazine covers were after my heart from the get go and I've loved seeing her journey as an artist ever since. This gal is now doodling all over One Direction, Grace Jones and plenty of other big names, sometimes commissioned and sometimes not. Her list of clients is pretty damn extraordinary. In December, Hattie even "doodle-bombed" all over Stylist magazine. Alas, I was not around in London at the time and I missed the holy grail of issues. If anyone has one, please send it my way. Every time I wear my Hattie Stewart tee I'm greeted with praise and lust over its doodle qualities - it's still black though, just so you know. Anyway get following Hattie over here @hattiestewart and send her some appreciation. You can thank me later!


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