Saturday, 12 March 2016

The Instagram Addict | @gouache_guys

You know what. Sometimes on Instagram it's nice to see an actual project with no hidden agenda for advertising a brand or self promotion - just a simple creative outlet for a quirky sketch each day to inspire others in the Instagram world.

@Gouache_guys is exactly that. Three times a week followers are treated to a little gouache friend in either green, red or blue. For me personally, I feel like this is a rather nice original feed to come across. Created by Becky Dore, it's succinct, colourful and there isn't any commercial aspects that spoil it. 

What makes it even better is each little guy has there very own name and personality to match. Take the guy on the top left. Thats Russ. "Big head. Small brain." Oh so very sweet and silly. Keep on doing what you're doing Becky. Follow @gouache_guys here

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