Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The Cheeky Kickstarter | Hoxton Mini Press

It's become a little tradition of mine to purchase the boy a book from Hoxton Mini Press for any little occasion and we've been slowly building up our collection over the past six months. Lately he's been super special, so when I got an email announcing Hoxton Mini Press' latest venture I decided he could have all three as a celebration of being great. (He doesn't know yet though so lets see if he actually reads the blog eh?) I couldn't keep this campaign a secret though so do read on if you like hubba bubba, damaged cars or bananas - obviously I must like all three!

If you don't already know 'em, Hoxton Mini Press are a small indie art book publisher based in East London. They describe themselves as "3 people, two dogs and a lot of hope." I didn't realise the team was so small which is great to hear, that's a hell of a lotta passion to do what they do so well. They initially started with the series I talked about above, a series of mini photobooks based on East London and the people that inhabit it, but you may have also seen their collaboration with Katie Treggiden and Charlotte Schreiber, which is quite a hit if you're on the lookout for a coffee table book. I actually only discovered them at Frieze last year but have seen them in a million stores since, disappointingly late to the print party.

With their latest kickstarter project, Hoxton Mini Press are asking why photobooks can't be more playful and I've gotta agree, it does seem to be something lacking in the photography publishing world. It can sometimes seem a little serious and occasionally pretentious. I only have so much room for huge photography books on my table and actually something quite small, considered and humorous would be a welcome addition - thank goodness someone has thought of it!

The series so far consists of 'Bubblegum' by Emily Stein, 'Badly Repaired Cars' by Ronni Campana and 'Hand Jobs: Life as a Hand Model' by Oli Kellett & Alex Holder. All are completely original, playful and would make a colourful addition to your bookshelf. There will also hopefully be more added to the series at a later stage. 

Of course the bold colour shots taken for the promotion were bound to catch my attention in the first instance but furthermore the tongue in cheek covers really had me at hello - I think they are already my favourite things HMP have come out with and they're not even published yet! In fact, talking of not being published, that's where we come in. For this project to come to life we all need to chip in and help these beautiful pastel coloured objects become a reality. There are some great original incentives for you to choose from, like a walk in the park and a portfolio review as well as the books and accompanying artwork too. Get in there now to snap up the good ones (read: all of them) by pledging here and if the imagery hasn't already done it for you, you can watch an even more colourful video complete with two amazing dogs, who hate art but like these books, below. Let me know if you go for anything!


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