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The Secret Designer | MADE Emerging Talent Award 2016

There's nothing I like more than talking about potential opportunities for budding designers and in all honesty this post has been kind of in the making since the MADE Outdoor event back in February (sorry guys, I was sworn to secrecy for a while). MADE have just recently announced their Emerging Talent Award and this one is certainly for you students or graduates, the budding youth of the design world, looking for any potential opportunities to get out in the industry and solve a design problem. So what's the deal you ask? Surely there is a catch? Well actually no, just a great chance for you to get your designs out there and benefit from exposure, production and yes, royalties. Previous winners include MADE favourite Josie Morris who created the classic Range tables, Ying Chang who created the fantastic Grid desk (as shown below) and Gina Design Studio who won last year with their Overlap series which is due on the site very soon. You'll be in super good company if you win! Read on to find out how to make that a possibility with a little more about the brief and what I'm loving out of the entries so far.

The Brief:

"We need more designs for urban communities. Over 54% of the world's population currently live in urban areas - that's over half the planet, potentially needing products that save space, multitask, and help create a tranquil home setting. We want you to design something that answers some of these needs - be it through functionality, practicality or style. And the more innovative the design, the better."

Sounds pretty good, right and as you're likely to be a recent student, space spacing should be your forte! You can read the full brief here

Top Picks so far:
Atlas by Emilios Fattington-Arnas 

I'm a bit or a hoarder when it comes to objects  and pretty publications so of course I like them to be seen wherever possible. This multi-functional table provides exactly that opportunity with compartmental storage as well as hidden areas to stash away the things you don't want everyone to see. Each section lifts up on it's own so there's also no need to take off everything on the table if you're on the lookout for something - a nice minimal design with a playful streak going on too.  

This product is something I want to add to my own home right now. I love a magazine holder and although it seems to be a hot trend right now, along with pegboards and decorative ladders, nobody seems to have come up with such a simplistic modern design as Díaz Hernández has. I love the fact that in my world, this could be used for anything from magazines to zines to clipping on postcards and photos - it's literally my dream. I fear it may be a touch too simplistic for the brief in hand but I see Alvaro does already have a shop so here's hoping Add is added very soon. 
Everyone loves a good light, right? There's just something about this one by Paul Makareth that caught my eye with it's simplicity yet subtle beauty. It's unique, elegant and not to mention it has a brass base, perfect for my metallic obsession. I love to see a good bare bulb too, lampshades are just not for me and this makes it the perfect space-saving element to add to your desk. 

All in all, there are some fabulous entries so far - you can see the full list of entires and further images here. I totally appreciate the work that MADE puts in to working with young designers and it's encouraging to see the products that have rocketed to bestsellers through them. Sometimes you may think that companies like this are just talking the talk through competitions such as this one, but actually they are always on the lookout for the freshest talent in the design world. I actually know someone who was picked up by MADE at New Designers last year.  It's not a myth, so prepare yourself for the possibilities if you are showing this year and if you aren't just enter the competition instead, you have until June 30th,.

What do you think? Will you be entering? If you are, good luck and send me a link to your uploaded entry. 

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