Saturday, 30 July 2016

The Film Fans | Summer Screen Prints


Films & posters. A match made in heaven if you ask me and an inspirational form of visual identity that has sparked new ideas and creative solutions throughout the years. We all know plenty of iconic movie advertisements that have blown up over time and in the EJP household we're a big fan of a good flick along with the visuals and the soundtrack to match. 

As you can imagine, we were thrilled to see the grand return of the Somerset House x Print Club London Summer Screen Prints exhibition this year and with one certain Warriors poster by Joe Vass already framed in our home we were definitely on the lookout for any possible colourful additions to our collection.

The purpose of the exhibition is for artists to reinterpret some of the best films around, all of which have also been chosen for the Film4 Summer Screen line-up at Somerset House. The selected illustrators are unique, diverse and not all are well-known yet, so here's your chance to discover some new talent and stock up on some pretty damn cheap limited-edition screen prints. 


One of the more exciting changes to the exhibition this year is the additional catalogue of initial sketches and early progressive work on display. As always the details of the process always interest me so it's great to see a little more insight into the preparation work each of the artists has gone through in order to create their piece. And that's not all - you can also catch each creator on film in the screening room, talking to camera about their creative process and watch them actually creating it in the workshops.

Pieces that particularly caught my eye this year included Daisy Emersons 'Bite Me' depiction of 10 Things I Hate About You as well as Paul Wardski's layered take on Things to Come. Although I haven't seen the film yet Concepción Studios' have brought a really nice visual concept through for A.I. thriller Ex Machina and I also really enjoyed Lilly Lou's typographical interpretation of Sunset Boulevard. I've gotta say it was a little busy on our visit though, so you bet I'll be popping back to have another look as there's so much talent around as well as all the posters from previous years including Hattie Stewart's AH-MAZING Mean Girls collage/doodle fest!

With the Stanley Kubrick exhibition proving extremely popular (it's a goodu'un guys) and The World Illustration Awards exhibition also on show until late August, Somerset House is certainly the place to be for anyone with a creative mindset and with just the Kubrick to pay for you may as well take a day trip and have three for the price of one! Don't forget your extra spending money though lovers as these prints really are a great deal and there's plenty of other lovely bits in the shop for you to spend your dollar on!


INFO: Showing until 17 August, 10am-6pm (with some special late night openings)
East Wing Galleries, Somerset House. Nearest Tube: Charing Cross or Holborn.


Monday, 25 July 2016

The High Five | July 2016

This month I've been to a fair few Christmas in July press previews and I've gotta say I'm well and truly not ready for the holiday season. There's something just not quite right about looking at stockings and fairy lights when the weather outside truly has been delightful. Regardless of the gingerbread houses and the christmas trees - I'm just so not filled with excitement quite yet - there has been a remarkable amount of homeware making it on to my AW homeware wishlist and I'm prepping to fill my own interior with earthy greys and marble tones. Inspired by the Nina+Co x ATT collaboration as pictured above, I'm dreaming of getting back to nature and supporting independent labels over the colder period, drinking plenty of mulled wine from beautiful ceramics  while of course not forgetting my graphic roots while I'm at it. Below are some of the pieces I've lusted over at shows, some small designers for bigger brands and some newer start ups that are going it alone with their own shops. All have sparked something in me when I've found them and I'm telling ya that I'll be working on being extra nice to ensure that I make Santa's good list come December.

1 // The Kinfolk Home / Southbank Centre Shop
2 // GLÖDANDE cushion cover / IKEA
3 // Personalised Speckled ring Dish by Fox+Lilly / Etsy
4 // Abella Printed Insect Cushion by Alex Pook-Leary /
5 // Marble Espresso Cups by Meilen Collaborative / Etsy

Thursday, 21 July 2016

The Everyday Isometric | Article by Steven Wilson at Unlimited

Visiting Brighton is always a pleasure and I promise I've got more on that coming soon. For now though it's pretty important that you all stop everything you're doing and get down to one place and one place only - Unlimited Shop on Brighton's Church Street.

A firm favourite of mine since discovering them mid 2015, Unlimited is a design duo consisting of the lovely Sara and Patrick who both offer their own aesthetic insight into the graphic world. Sara picks the goods and Patrick creates his own designs for the shop, working away in the back studio on special projects like the previously successful 'Four Play' collection. If you like a shop to feel like the owner has painted it with their personality, Unlimited Shop is for you. 

For 2016 the shop has taken on a new format where the focus moves from artist to artist, roughly every month. It's an interesting take and by adding a more gallery like appearance to the shop, Unlimited have made themselves just that little bit different from your average design led store. Until 12th August, Steven Wilson is the man of the moment with his extraordinary everyday objects and massive visuals created especially for the Unlimited walls. While I do have to say the shop is looking a little more minimal than usual (and by minimal I mean the EJP version of minimal*), it's still very much in keeping with the vibrant, pop art feel the store has come to be known for. 

Entitled 'Article', the small exhibition showcases a range of prints all based upon objects offering a sense of nostalgia or just something that has evoked some passion in Steven's life. Think typewriters, polaroid cameras and bicycles through to guns, a vinyl player and an Anglepoise lamp - I've deliberately held back on photos as I think it's important to explore the style on your own and see the beautiful isometric prints in their various colourways.

Wilson is local to Brighton after falling in love with it during his studies on the Brighton illustration course and it's easy to see the popular culture references within his work. I can just imagine him rifling through Snoopers Paradise or the various other vintage stores on a quiet day and coming out with collections of objects and mementos to capture in his own signature style. Also featured within the show are his wonderfully psychedelic letters which are right up my street when it comes to typography and I'll be sharing with you my own little print over on Instagram soon!

Unlimited have a whole host of exhibitions planned for the future so do check out the listings below and on their what's on page to find out a little more. Why not sign up to their newsletter to find out more about opening nights? In the meantime I'll get working on a full post for Brighton life and I'd love to hear your recommendations too!

* EJP definition of minimal | A smaller cluster of very eccentric things than the previous maximal appearance. Still uses colour where possible.
INFO: 10 Church Street, Brighton BN1 1US

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Quaint and The Quirky | An Interview with Melody Rose

We all know that afternoon tea has become a little bit of a London lifestyle and you'd be mad not to have taken your mum, your best friend or your boy for a spot of the good stuff. We've overindulged in the finger sandwich, gorged ourselves on macaroons and instagrammed the hell outta the pink parlour at Sketch. We're a nation of tea drinkers (the herbal stuff for me) and we're rather partial to a glass of fizz to go with it.

A couple of weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of joining Melanie of Melody Rose at The Harcourt to try out their new afternoon Fika offering. Tea with Scandinavian references you say? Yes bloody please. A mix match of skull and wolf adorned chinaware with plenty of gold trimming - how could I say no?  

Founded in 2011 by designer Melanie Roseveare, Melody Rose started with the teaming of quirky images on elegant Victorian era chinaware, an upcycle of traditional homeware pieces by adding an animal or Melody Rose's now signature skull. After roaring success with these pieces Melanie has now moved on to create her own range of fine bone china with a third-generation pottery in Stoke-on-Trent - a typically British production for a quaint and not so typical cup of tea.

The Harcourt range in particular is a little different with a mixture of antique and vintage pieces added and all hand finished in 22kt burnished gold. Mini teapots, teeny espresso cups and the sweetest milk jugs - the range is elegant, fresh and just the tiniest bit cheeky in it's own way - just the way I like my tea served. I had a little chat with Melanie to find out more about the brand and the collaboration so keep reading for dream dinner party guests and more food photos to make you drool.

EJP : I love how your work marries traditional chinaware with edgier imagery. How were you inspired to pair the two together?

MR : I love the juxtaposition of the unexpected imagery mixed with traditional patterns. I started out making upcycled pieces 7 or 8 years ago. Reimagining the pieces with contemporary designs and motifs that are unexpected completely transforms the feel and look of each piece, making them relevant to a new generation that were not necessarily interested in fine bone china. The upcycled pieces were a way of reintroducing bone china to a new generation. It’s also quite exciting to see how small (and sometimes not so small) changes can completely update a plate or teacup.

EJP : Why do you think the Skull collection has become so iconic for you? It's certainly my favourite set!

MR : I think the Skull motif is such an iconic design as it represents a number of things. It’s both interesting and beautiful but also surprising or even shocking on fine bone china. For me it suggests the idea of memento mori and an edge of rock and roll juxtaposed on fine china so it can be both fun and serious.

EJP : How do you collate inspiration for designs? Is there a process of collaging imagery you like or perhaps collecting imagery online?

MR : I usually start with researching using hardcopy print, so using books, photographs and magazines along with taking my own photos. I tend to stick images straight onto my studio walls! 

EJP : The Harcourt approached you to work with them on a commission for their new afternoon Fika menu. Can you tell me how that relationship came about?

MR : The Harcourt (Andrew Endean and Samantha Palmer) got in touch with me to say they were in the midst of planning their new venture in the old Harcourt Arms pub in Marylebone. I was very interested as just by chance the Harcourt was the first pub I hung out in when I moved to London from Canada. I happened to have a job working nearby then and we used to go for afterwork drinks at the Harcourt so it held special memories for me. We set up a meeting and I instantly knew I wanted to work with Andrew and Samantha. I loved the idea of Fika and their plans for the venue were so exciting, it was impossible not to be swept up in the excitement. I’m very pleased and proud to have Melody Rose at The Harcourt!

EJP : Who would your dream guests be for afternoon tea on your own tea sets?

MR : I think it would have to be a surrealist tea party and include some of the people who were my earliest inspirations Rene Magritte, Man Ray and Salvadore Dali. I’d love to add in Grayson Perry and my mom to make it the perfect afternoon tea.

EJP : And of course most importantly, what's your favourite tea to fill your teapots with?

MR : I change my favourites a lot especially seasonally so fruit based teas are my favourite at the moment, particularly strawberry. I also love drinking coffee and often use the teapots and teacups for my morning fix.

EJP : Finally, what's next for you?

MR : I’m just getting ready for launching my new mini 2 Cup teapots at Tent London this September. I’ll also be showing my new cake stands for the first time, as well as my first venture into textiles with a tea towel in a number of Melody Rose design classics.

So many thanks to Melanie for having me over for grub and some lovely chit chat. Having utterly filled my stomach with salmon, herring, cheese from Androuet and definitely three too many cinnamon buns, I can certainly recommend The Harcourt as a special London destination and I'm pretty sure I'll be taking the boy back to try it out soon. 

Check out the full Fika menu here and book yourself in for a Scandi treat. Let me know what you think of both the food and the extra special Melody Rose chinaware.

INFO: The Harcourt, 32 Harcourt Street, London, W1H 4HX

Thursday, 14 July 2016

The Eclectic Collection | RA Summer Show


Jeez, it's been a year already, a year since my last visual diary of the RA Summer Show and actually a year since starting this little ol' blog of mine (cue imaginary birthday cake and candles). If you haven't been to the show before, you absolutely must. Contemporary art obviously isn't everyone's cup of tea but this exhibition manages to select a little bit of everything and store it under one eclectic roof. 

As the largest open submission showcase, anyone can enter a piece into the exhibition for a chance to be selected by the chosen curator. Part of the fun is the fact you can find a relatively unknown artist next to a Roberta and Bob Smith with just as many red stickers dictating the popularity of the piece. I always choose to walk around without a guide on my first visit (yes, I'm a member) just because it's nice to spot artists you know and judge the art without any form of insight. 

This year Richard Wilson RA is the bloke in charge and with over 1,200 works you need to spend a good chunk of time browsing the whole collection. If you didn't know, Wilson is a pretty big sculptor but the exhibition showcases everything from photography to video to architecture and painting - it's a burst of energy and vibrancy keeping the RA and the art world feeling fresh. Wilson even describes the show himself as “unpredictable, stimulating and startling.”

This year bold messages seemed to be at the forefront of the collection with lots of powerful words speaking to the audience. Perhaps it's a sign of the times but motivations, words of kindness and political slogans were certainly a popular choice. That and bold colours and textures which can of course never be wrong in my eyes, just look at those vases below.

One little niggle - just bring back that Jim Lambie designed kaleidoscopic stairs - you're totally losing Instagram points and I miss them!

Have you visited the RA Summer show yet? Let me know what you thought or if you're planning on visiting soon. 

INFO: Showing until 21 August 2016; Sunday - Thursday, 10am-6pm, Friday & Saturday, 10am-10pm


Saturday, 9 July 2016

The Morning Pick Me Up | Corners of my home

It's time to change things up a little round here. Not massively, just a wee inspiration led post every now and then. I started this blog with the good intention of keeping it focused on creative lifestyle and of course I plan to keep it that way but I've come to the realisation that I'm a creative myself and I don't give any of you lot reading this too much insight into my own life outside of visits to exhibitions. There's so much more that I want to share with you and this is the start of it - a slightly different post for this very sunny Saturday - a little look into my own daily routine and the one third thing in the world that makes me happy in the morning. 

Yes, flowers make me happy. From the selection process to the arranging, I'll have a smile all the way through and you can only imagine my face if somebody actually buys me a bunch - pure joy I tell you! I try to keep our rented flat as full of flowers and plants as I can, so much so our living rooms looks like a green house, but it really is the homely touches that make rented accommodation a home. Pictures. Candles. Flowers. Sorted. 

This little corner of my home is actually in the vanity area of my bedroom. I say vanity area and I really mean the sink in our room that my landlord decided was a genius idea. Of course, it genuinely is when you're needing to brush your teeth and someone else is in the bathroom, so I'll let him off, just. There's no excuse for that textured wallpaper though. 

With the rest of our bedroom so bright and slightly crazy, I like to keep this space clean and muted, a place to store all of my beloved objects, beauty essentials and ever-growing collection of rings. The only problem encountered would be the lack of room for flowers, they always just seem so chunky against the only minimal area I can seem to abide not filling with artwork.

Perhaps the flower god heard my cries as lo and behold, earlier this week I popped down to the Etsy Christmas preview where Bloom & Wild were ready and waiting to help me out with my rather high maintenance dilemma. These little posies are the perfect solution to the flower shaped hole in my sink area and they look absolutely stunning, don't you agree? The simple white arrangement with the slight pops of yellow and green make them the perfect accompaniment to my laid back living space. Not only that, but they are now the first thing I see in the morning and boy does that do wonders for my creative juices - nothing provides more inspiration than a little foliage, right? Glorious weekly flowers are just a subscription form away and I've gotta say I'm tempted to make this a forever thing so I'll keep you posted if I make the move. For now you can just find the full details of the items pictured below and I'd love love love you to let me know of the things that make your home a happy one.

Silver Tray, HAY; Candle, East Wick Shop; Flowers, Bloom & Wild; Candle, Bella Freud; Lip Balm, Haeckels; Perfume, Bella Freud.

Disclaimer: Bloom & Wild provided the flowers as part of the Etsy press day but I was under no obligation to post about them so all love, adoration and integration into my home is definitely my own.


Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Creative Family | Leytonstone Arts Trail

Just as the seven year London itch was kicking in and I was thinking it might be time to move from this big city, the Leytonstone Arts Trail has finally come along and brought back my faith. I LOVE living on the borders of Leyton and Leytonstone, a place where the arts community is thriving and conversation and diversity are at the heart of the Waltham Forest borough. So many likeminded people in one place has led to a revolution of music, design and everyone is involved in the process - I don't see gentrification ever taking hold here as it's genuinely all about the locals and the businesses they have to offer.

The trail itself is full of a variety of work and I was super lucky to explore most of it yesterday and run a little blog tour earlier on today. It's just so damn great to meet fellow creatives! Illustration, paintings, sculpture, live art and history tours - the work of over 150 artists featured in exhibitions, open studios and other events - you've gotta believe that there is a style for everyone. Running until the 10th July, there's still a week of listings and a chance to see the work on offer, so if you're in East London or like the sound of visiting next weekend here are a few of my recommended venues and details on the artists exhibiting.

Sprankenstein, Familiar Ink and Rosie Gainsborough at All You Read Is Love

A collection of eclectic designers under one very eclectic roof. Start off the trail with a coffee and soak up the creative culture of All You Read Is Love. No company needed, as a good book from the collection will do the job and there's plenty of interesting conversations to eavesdrop in on from the local creative crowd. 

All You Read Is Love, 877 High Road, Leytonstone, E11 1HR

Anna Stiles at The Wild Goose Bakery

Can't visit this one without moving on from coffee to a slice of cake (personal favourite being the apple crumble muffin). Illustrator Anna Stiles has taken over The Wild Goose with her geometric mobiles and intricate portraits. Having met Anna at her private view on Saturday I'm hoping to feature her in someway soon so watch this space and let me know how you'd like me to showcase her.

The Wild Goose Bakery, 654 High Road, Leytonstone, E11 3AA

Two for Joy Art at Laura Lea Design

An EJP favourite, Laura Lea Design has once again set the standard with a an exhibition from Stacey Williamson-Michie aka Two for Joy Art. Stacey has created a series of works titled 'The Day The Clock Stood Still' exploring the moments when life changes and nothing will ever be the same. These beautiful paper cuts tell the story oh so well and I advise you take a close look for all of the little details that really support the theme - snaps to anyone that can tell me what may have just been the decisive factor to this series being created!

1 Station Forecourt, Church Lane, E11 1HE

Live drawing from Carne Griffiths in a residential house

Oh how I wish I had offered up my own abode to the trail as the lucky residents of 135 Mornington Road are literally getting a bespoke piece of work in their home and we'll never see anything like it again. I'm all for the live artwork and Carne Griffiths is so far doing a remarkable job on this family home. Be sure to visit it this Saturday to see the mural completed.

135 Mornington Road, E11 1HE

St John the Baptist Church

St John the Baptist Church has a large series of alternate works hidden amongst its pews and surrounding walls. If you ever wondered what embroidered shopping lists looked like, Brigitte Mierau has got you covered. There's also plenty of other bits going on for the coinciding Leytonstone Festival so go and have a browse and see what you find. 

St John the Baptist Church, High Road, Leytonstone, E11 1HH

Ruth Craddock and Mia Warner at The Northcote Arms

As well as work from Ruth Craddock and Mia Warner, my lovely little local is also hosting live drag queen drawing on Tuesday 5th (3pm-7pm) and Sunday 10th (6.30pm-10pm). Expect to be joined by the Orient fans in what happens to be the quirkiest pub in Leyton and don't eat beforehand as the street food on offer is always to die for.

Northcote Arms, 110 Grove Green Road, E11 4EL

The London Green at The Wanstead Tap

I'll admit it's a little further out and I'm personally saving this visit for a mid-week drink but I had to include The London Green by Helen Green- she's a geometric goddess and right up my street! All of her patterns are drawn freehand and she has quite the little collection so it's not to be missed. I'm also buzzing to try the selection of craft beers The Wanstead Tap have on offer as I've heard the selection is rather grand.

Arch 352, Winchelsea Road, E7 0AQ

For full listings please see Leytonstone Arts Trail and follow updates on Twitter.


Friday, 1 July 2016

The Up and Coming | New Designers Part One

Blimey. If anything was going to cheer me up this week (yes, still harping on about you Brexit) it was going to be New Designers. Over 3,000 budding young rays of talent filling up the Business Design Centre and presenting the latest in design and fashion.

Part One of the event showcases textiles, fashion, jewellery, metalwork, ceramics and other contemporary design crafts - a whole mix of alternative practises to inspire and get your own creative thoughts rolling. It's always a pleasure to discover the next hopefuls making their way into the creative industry and as usual (the chatty one I am) I'm always like to have a good old nose into what everyone think their future holds.

David Bowie inspired collection by Lydia Grace, Falmouth University
Texture, colour and geometric shapes appeared to be a big hit amongst a lot of the students and of course I couldn't have been happier to see so much pattern filling the room. What was interesting with lots of the projects this year was the amount of research into the final outcome; in some cases mark makings on ceramics led to surface pattern design which then in turn led back to ceramic design, all in all some very complex processes which I'm sure has led to some very good grades.

It's all got me thinking about my own creations and how I really need to get back into a rhythm of making on a weekly basis. Life is so sad without doodling, isn't it? I need to make the time to collaborate ideas and actually get them down on paper.

Eliza Glanville, Glasgow School of Art
Another great aspect of the show is the innumerable amount of companies offering their own knowledge and picking out their favourite pieces. When you walk around the show you'll see notes from John Lewis, Absolut and Not on the Highstreet - all very exciting accolades to receive when pitted against so many others going into the same industry as you. The awards evening sees the most promising of the designers presented with cash prizes and internships, a helpful hand when you're probably feeling slightly directionless. This year the highly esteemed award of BDC New Designer of the Year went to Rob Anderson of Sheffield Hallam, so do take a look at his collection of hand-raised iron, copper and steel vessels - beautiful earthy tones and true craftsmanship at it's best.

Theo Riviere, Leeds College of Art
Naming just a few of the designers to keep an eye out on is hard but my favourites included Lydia Grace, Eliza Glanville, Johanna Samuelsson, Theo Riviere, Emily Stopford and One Year On participant Lydia Mary. All are very much in keeping with my own style but have something a little different about them, something that made me stop to stare and want to know more. I hope to catch some of them a little later down the line and find out a little more but do check them out in the meantime and let me know who you want to see more of here. 

Well that's all folks, until next week anyway. Part Two is just around the corner and I'm going crazy with excitement to see what graphic design and illustration have in store for us. I'll whack all of the info on New Designers below and drop me a message if you're exhibiting next week so I can make sure I visit you.

Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London, N1 0QH
See here for Opening hours & buy tickets here
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