Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The Alternative Market | ICA Garage Sale

A couple of years ago I managed to do all of my Christmas shopping at a little ol' market called 'The Pound Shop', a carefully curated selection of products with most items priced at a simple quid. I'd just started dating the boy at the time and we had decided to only spend £10 on each other. Lo and behold, he struggled in local Poundlands while I bought an array of wondrous stocking fillers from a range of designers and makers - all of which we still have now. The concept was totally brilliant and a refreshing take on the design of a market / sample sale.

Founded in April 2010 by George Wu, Sara Melin and Sarah Gottlieb, the initial idea has since grown and after 17 successful placements, The Pound Shop has gone back to its 2013 ICA roots under the name of the ICA Garage Sale. The range of products will slightly differ from previous sales, with some higher price points, but still prototype testing will remain at the heart of the market with a selection of creations from past seasons, returns and unique work in progress samples on offer. The sale makes for the perfect testing ground for designers to experiment with new and interesting products and test the market reaction to some of their new ideas. Interestingly this means that as a visitor you could also walk away with a piece that never quite makes it into production!

Ruler by Ding Ding, £1; Notebooks by Wrap, from £3; Bangle by Tom Pigeon, £10.
Taking place from Thursday 1st December (yes, tomorrow!), the ICA Theatre space will house over ninety designers selling products ranging from £1 up to £100. I've already got my eye on the rulers from stationery designer Ding Ding, the notebooks from Wrap and the insane looking bangle from Tom Pigeon. There will be loads more to choose from though including prints by Scout Editions, necklaces by One We Made Earlier and unique ceramics from Louise Madzia. The ultimate questions being what will you be buying and if given the opportunity what would you create to sell for a pound? Tell all in the comments below!

Thursday 1st December, 6pm-10pm; Friday 2nd December - Saturday 3rd December, 11am-6pm
ICA, The Mall, London, SW1Y 5AH
Entry Fee: £1 (Including access to the ICA)
Take cash for a quicker check-out process and let me know your bargain buys. 

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