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The 365 Project | Scott Patt's 'Bigger. Smaller. Funnier.'

Lately, I've become a little bit of a lazy bugger when it comes to putting pen to paper and creating shit. Between working full-time, writing and generally getting stuck in a very large Instagram hole, I've forgotten how to reserve the time for drawing and creating - my own personal refuge from the internet and a busy life. I'm ashamed to admit it but we all know the first step is acceptance and boy, do I need to move in from this lacklustre stage of creativity and get my groove on again. 

A few weeks ago I came across a project from visual artist Scott Patt, and on my quest to 'bring sexy back' (sorry, not sorry), I thought I would share a few little snippets in the hope of inspiring some of you guys too. Because where would we all be with out a little support, eh?

Patt embraces vivid colours, bold typography and symbolism to create his work and clearly inspired by Pop Art and post-pop consumerism, his work uses powerful slogans to confront society's problems and successes. Alongisde his art career, Patt has worked as a designer and creative leader for brands such as Cole Haan, Nike, Converse and Giorgio Armani - no pressure for the rest of us in full-time jobs then!

'Bigger. Smaller. Funnier.' was a year long project in 2014, documenting 369 of Patt's paintings and thousands of ideas in over 800 pages of 7 sketchbooks - yes, that's right - 800 pages, a note to every single art student out there who hasn't managed to fill at least 3 pads every new term. The project explores every day problems, social issues, experiences as well as Patt's own day-to-day emotions and attitude towards purpose, love, faith, ego, relationships, sex, dependency, and genuine happiness. 

Each day Patt brainstormed an idea, sketched it out and then painted an original conceptual painting - call it a visual journal of his life if you so wish. The variations in colouring, give a damn attitude and simple messaging makes it a wonderful project to browse through and you can see why they guy had some success upon sharing his work via a daily social update.   On a slight side note his recent social coverage of the Women's march was also really quite excellent - 'WOMEN'S RIGHTS NOT WRONGS' and 'IT'S MY VAGINA YOU DICK' being prominent protest messages throughout the day.

Now, when I put my mind to something, I tend to stick with it. I essentially managed to do Dry January (minus a friends birthday on Friday), I easily became vegetarian and I totally veto'd McDonalds years ago. So here's me declaring to you, that I'm going to be a little more Scott Patt. While it might not be possible on a daily basis. I'm going to set aside time to draw and I hope to keep you updated along the way. I may even have to purchase one of Patt's prints for inspiration

If you're also interested in getting your hands on some motivational goodies, the lovely guys at UStudio have also recently curated a collection of cards and giftware from the project, resulting in a vibrant array of desk accessories and tongue-in-cheek mugs - let me know what you think! Will you be doing anything to get your creativity back on track?


Monday, 23 January 2017

The Colour Trends | Hues, Tones, Dyes & The World's Favourite.

A new year equals new colour trends and a multitude of posts centred around the topic of whether all of our accessories should be a striking mint green, a lavender haze or perhaps a daring red. Colour is a huge part of our culture, defining our seasons and even our mood, so why should we limit ourselves to just the one?

As a lover of the bright stuff I'm not really one for choosing just a single hue to determine my year and instead I've scoured some of my favourite design-led brands to determine a rainbow of products that could be featuring in the EJP abode this year. When you get to the end, why not choose your favourite colour as part of G . F Smith's latest project? You could have your very own Colorplan paper created and named after you!

Revitalising Greens

As Pantone's colour of the year, 'Greenery' is probably the colour we'll be taking note of most in 2017. It's not an easy tone to pull off in the world of interiors, but it's certainly a great pairing to some of the dusky pinks that we're also seeing a lot of this year and works wonders in a Graphic Design setting. There's been some dispute in the selection of the colour, but ultimately the message behind the refreshing choice is a good one and we should all consider the way in which we can bring this approach into our lives. 

“The tangy yellow-green speaks to our desire to express, explore, experiment and reinvent, imparting a sense of buoyancy,” said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. “Through its reassuring yet assertive vibrancy, Greenery offers us self-assurance and boldness to live life on our own terms, during a time when we are redefining what makes us successful and happy.”

While I won't be painting my walls green any time soon, I like to think this colour can be added using actual greenery (something I can totally get on board with) and hints of the messaging in our lives. Planners, books and organisers make for the perfect accessories to redefine our goals in 2017.

1 // In The Garden book by Emily Rand | £6 | Hato Press.  2 // Corocco Tray | £10 | Coming soon to Habitat
 3 // 'Journeys' Writing as Therapy Journal | £15 | School of Life.  4 // Pyramid Storage Box by Korridor | £19 | Moxon.  
5 // Tropical Leaves Wrapping Paper by Cynthia Kittler | £1.95 | Wrap Magazine

Pretty in Pink

Pink is my own chosen colour for 2017. I'm SO not a girly girl but I think pink has a slight rock and roll edge these days and while it should not just be for the ladies, I think it represents our defiance and attitude to making the world a better place for women. 

On a recent trip to Copenhagen, I noticed pastel pink shades were adorning all of the design stores - one of my favourites being that of Normann Copenhagen, who have simply created a pink mecca of furniture on the lower floor of their central showroom. "Hues like deep fuchsia and bright pink exude positivity, while lighter nuances, such as a delicate rose or soft nude, can have a soothing effect," explains  Britt Bonnesen, Normann Copenhagen’s Brand Manager. "These nuances bring out a lot of feelings in people. It is a very positive and calming colour and with the right nuances and styling, pink can be very exclusive, classic and sophisticated.” 

One of my own tips for styling would be to create a contemporary monochrome space with a few colour pops of pink along the way. The pairing of typographic prints with a pink lamp, or an effortlessly cool clock simply placed on a minimal wall. While, I can't afford the dream velvet pink sofa, the small interior accessories and stationery below will just have to do.

1 // Watch Me Wall Clock in Pink | £34.90 | Normann Copenhagen.  2 // Pink Print by Charlotte Walker | £12 | Department Store.  
3 // Flip Mirror in Blush | £69.90 | Normann Copenhagen. 4 // Park Hill A3 Print | £20 | Laura Knight Studio.  
5 // Lugosi Vase | £20 | Coming soon to Habitat.

Miami Orange

Orange is certainly a bold addition to any household but if you think about the summery connotations, it's surely a great colour to lighten your mood and resurface memories of warmer times and climates. I've always thought that orange is a ideal colour for design projects and some of my favourite posters feature block colouring (think Whiplash and Clockwork Orange). This vibrant colour is the perfect way to add a hint of heat to your set up and an effortless approach to showing how brave you really are when it comes to fashion and homeware. 

1 // Worlds End Estate Print | £45 | Oscar Francis.  2 // Comme Des Garcons Wallet | £102 | Goodhood
3 // Sumo Pouf | £279.90 | Normann Copenhagen.  4 // Orange Stripe Plant Pot | £6.50 | This Way To The Circus.  
5 // The Pantheon Print | £21.60 | Department Store.

Effortlessly Cool Blue

Primary colours are always a huge hit for me and I feel as if they're not explored enough in the world of design. Muted blues have obviously been big over the last few years with moody hues setting the atmosphere in bedrooms and living rooms alike. But for me, this is a slightly boring option and I'll be trying to think outside the box - The Clerkenwell London's Camille Walala-designed Front Room being the primary source of inspiration. 

With 2017 marking 100 years of De Stijl, I'm expecting big things in terms of red, yellow and blue combinations. Yes, I'm after Piet Mondrian's patterns everywhere. Dulux's choice of Denim Drift as colour of the year will also surely make for some interesting new products, a little less on the brighter side. The below blue options make for a good starting point when it comes to mixing the colour with pattern and texture but let me know if you've hunted down anything particularly special recently as I totally want to explore this theme more!

1 // Large Pi Case | £22 | The Pattern Guild.  2 // Small Lines Case | £16 | The Pattern Guild
3 // Nomess Blue Cork Notebook | £9 | Goodhood.  4 // Round Da House No.1 Print | £120 | Camille Walala.  
5 // Hay Tote Bag | £12.50 | Goodhood

Super Super Yellow

Yellow is always the best way to add a statement to any form of design and you can bet that when paired with grey elements that you'll have created some form of interior heaven. Spring always brings around the notion of adding yellow to your home but why not think a little outside the box? I'm thinking dramatic yellow staircases, neon bananas and bold prints to add vibrancy even on a rainy day.

Okay, so the stairs may just give you vertigo, but there are plenty of ways to add just a splash of the bright one to your life and lampshades and desk accessories are a great place to start. Remember it's not just about items that are on show. Colour can affect you through the littlest of things and even just sending a card to someone can spread some cheer and change a mood. 

1 // TA! Card | £3.50 | Jot Paper Co.  2 // Banana Split Print | €54 | Playtype 
3 // Peeta Lamp | £30 | Habitat  4 // Babylon Stapler by Samuel Wilkinson | £9.95 | The Z List.  5 // HAY Strike Matchbox | £5 | Trouva

AND NOW, on to the fun part. I may have gone through a couple of the prism's finest but essentially I want to know what's turning you on today. What is your favourite colour? Get watching the below video from G . F Smith and have your say. Will you be going goo goo over Yves Klein Blue like Ms Walala or fantasising over Slime Green like Harry Parr? I went for Palin Pink (duh) but be sure to share your own selection with me.
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